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Industrial automation and quality control systems
There are companies that arise from a need.
Joytek was born from a desire: to transform industrial automation.

Designing unique solutions, customized on every specific need.

Integrating high quality products and instruments, selected with attention.

Researching and implementing innovative technologies for production processes.

Investing into creativity and design.

Caring about the well-being of those who will use our systems.

‘Problem solving’ evokes the idea of hard work, to be cleared up as soon as possible and with minimal effort. This is not our approach.

We design.

We deeply love technology and enjoy applying it creatively.
This is how our industrial automation projects start to shape.

Un uomo, guardando suo figlio armeggiare in giardino, gli chiese:

“Che succede? Hai un problema da risolvere”.

“No, babbo” rispose “Sto progettando una soluzione”.

Our Goals
Innovation, technology, and automation for the well-being of all.
We were born to enhance people's lives through technology, automation, and product and process innovation.

We envision a world where everyone can nurture their desires, where technology creates space to imagine them, and innovation designs the tools to bring them to life.

Our goal is to bring more safety and quality to work and products.

We achieve this by improving production processes and eliminating manual, repetitive, and strenuous operations, giving people more time to live their lives and engage in valuable activities.

To succeed, we push ourselves towards the new, seeking solutions beyond conventional boundaries.

We embrace and overcome challenges every day, driven by the audacity and tenacity of our people.

our values
Attitude towards Discovery

We do not settle for what is known; we aspire to the unknown. We seek to break away from predictability in choices and solutions, in a continuous quest for new technologies, opportunities, and perspectives. Innovation is the art of discovery.


We aim to venture where no one has gone before, pushing the boundaries of the impossible and transforming it into reality. We strive for the highest quality using the most advanced technologies. Innovation is the courage to leave the known for the unknown.


We envision what does not yet exist, drawing inspiration from the world around us, connecting existing elements with new links. Creativity is imagination, intuition, and the ability to think differently. Innovation is applied creativity.


Audacity requires strength and endurance. Mistakes do not intimidate us; they are necessary teachers for doing more and doing better. If you're not making mistakes or breaking the rules, you're not innovating. Innovation is rebellion.


Doing things well means doing them with care. We invest in education and research. We value our relationships with others and the Earth we were born into. Every path of growth requires care. Innovation is caring for the future.

Our Land
Joytek was born in the Marche region, famous for the great hard-working attitude of its inhabitants.
A fascinating land, with strong roots that bind it to the soil, with great ambition and stories of industrial success.

It is in this territory that we design and develop our industrial automation and quality control systems.

We believe that our development is closely linked to the quality of the relationship we have with our roots, and we want to respect and enhance their resources: human, natural, and cultural.

The care for the territory is a fundamental value for Joytek, guiding us in our choices of innovation and in the design of our automation systems for the industry.

From this land, we have inherited perseverance, and we cultivate audacity.

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