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vision system technology
2D, 3D & AI advanced vision systems and technologies for industrial production processes.

Integrated systems integrating high-resolution cameras, advanced vision algorithms, and software analysis for highly accurate assembly and quality control.

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Integrated solutions of traditional and collaborative robotics for the industry.

Collaboration with technological partners and research centers to design integrated industrial and collaborative robotics systems for the manufacturing industry.

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end of line testing
Solutions for testing and quality control of products at the end of the production line.

Production control systems, either comprehensive or sampling, to ensure defect-free products and compliance with quality standards.

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Advanced and customized systems for testing and quality control of components.

Functionality, durability, safety, and quality testing systems to detect defective components, optimize production processes, and limit non-conforming products.

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Innovative technologies to optimize production and improve product quality and safety.

Collaborative robotics, artificial vision, and automated handling systems to increase productivity, reduce errors, and enhance work quality.

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mobile robotics
Mobile robots and autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) for an intelligent factory environment.

AGV robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced sensing and autonomous navigation to develop customized and intelligent solutions for the industry.

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Robotics and technological integration for industrial coiling systems.

High-tech coiling solutions, standard or tailor-made, to adapt to different materials, sizes, and coil packaging requirements.

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